We recognise that taking legal advice can be both a daunting and an expensive process. In order to make it easier for you, Barrett & Co offers a Fixed Fee meeting or telephone conference for £95.00 (including VAT) in Employment, Dispute Resolution, Family, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Contentious Probate, and other areas.

You can contact us by email, telephone or in person and if the relevant person is available, you can make an appointment immediately.

In order to take full advantage of these initial Fixed Fee meetings by maximising the advice you receive in a relatively short time, we suggest you follow these guidelines:

  • Complete the New Client Registration Form or inform Reception when you arrive at our offices that you are a Fixed Fee client and they will ask you to complete the Form.
  • Please provide us with copies of your identity documents which are your photocard driving licence or passport and a recent utility bill showing your name and current address. When attending in person please bring the originals and Reception will take copies for you.
  • Please prepare a written brief summary of the events and facts that you wish to discuss. This can be just bullet points and it is often useful to list events in date order with the date at the beginning of each entry.
  • Arrange all relevant documents in order so that you can find them easily when required. Often the best way to do this is to simply put all documents and letters in date order (which is the way documents would be listed if the matter went to Court). If you have arranged a Fixed Fee meeting by telephone call then please send the relevant documents by email in advance of the meeting.
  • Prepare a list of questions that you want to know the answers to.
  • If you are requesting a Fixed Fee meeting by telephone call then we ask that you pay £95.00 in advance. We can accept payment by credit or debit card. If you are attending in person then we will ask you to pay at the end of the meeting and we can accept cash, cheque or card payment.

If you want to discuss employment matters, then it is usually sensible to try and bring a copy of your contract of employment as well as any emails and correspondence relating to the dispute or potential dispute you have with your employer.

For all other matters, it is generally sensible to bring as much documentation as you can, even if the solicitor you are meeting does not have the opportunity to read all your documentation at the meeting, it is still very useful for us to know what documentation you have when advising you in such a short space of time.

Our experience is that most clients find the £95.00 Fixed Fee one hour initial meeting extremely useful and cost effective. Typically, you will either receive enough advice to be able to deal with the matter yourself and if appropriate, we will freely give details of websites where you can obtain further information, or we will give you a clear idea of the further cost involved if you were to instruct us.

The Fixed Fee meeting also gives you the opportunity to meet the relevant solicitor and decide whether you will “gel” with them. This is often a very important and underestimated factor in the decision making process which can be stressful and expensive if not handled correctly. Your only commitment following a Fixed Fee meeting is to pay us £95.00. You can then consider our advice and, in your own time, decide whether you wish to instruct us further.