Thank you for coming to my special consultation page. Searching on Google is one thing. And it may help a little. But getting real advice from an expert solicitor who knows about these divorce things, is absolutely a “must”. To book your appointment right away please click below or call 0118 958 9711 or email me,




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This is why I offer a limited number of £95 one hour consultation to clients each week, who want to get the facts rather than the fiction. My clients really appreciate this inexpensive way of getting some initial advice – and then deciding what to do.

Because the outcome of divorce can be very different, depending on the quality of advice you get and when you get it, it’s really important to get early advice. There are usually children, property, finances, assets and pensions involved and the sooner you know things, legally-speaking…the better.

Talking to friends or family or “someone that has been through divorce” might help you emotionally but I have seen too many people who haven’t got the right outcome  – mainly because they didn’t see a specialist solicitor soon enough.

Even if things are amicable, it is still very important to get all these things sorted out legally.

Please book your hour with me and I will listen to your unique situation and give you my advice on likely outcomes.

I’ll follow this up with a letter that recommends what steps you should or could take next. Then at least you’ll know how the land lies and have the right information on which to make a decision.

Please call me on 0118 958 9711 or email for your £95 special rate consultation.

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I have more information about resolving family disputes here

You are welcome to Google my testimonials from clients I have helped over the years.  I have managed to help quite a few people and they have been kind enough to write me great unsolicited reviews. I am also rated as a Top Three Family Solicitor in Reading. I hope one day to be able to receive a testimonial from you as helping people is really why I do this job.

Do feel free to call me on 0118 958 9711 for any family matters legal advice.