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Roles and Responsibilities of a Personal Representative

This article is the second in a two-part series exploring the roles and responsibilities of a personal representative (“PR”). 

There are 6 main duties which are being considered. This article will summarise duties 4-6. The first 3 can be found in Part 1 of the series.

Duty 4: Duty to Provide Inventory and Account

As a PR there is a duty on you to prepare and keep estate accounts. There is no prescribed way in which these accounts need to be formatted but it makes sense for them to be intelligible considering that they must be provided, upon request, to a beneficiary or creditor. If they are not provided, then one is able to make an application to court to obtain them. 

Duty 5: Statutory Duty of Care

As a sort of “catch all” provision, PRs are bound by a statutory duty of care. This means that even if a PR has not breached any of the other duties mentioned, they may still be in breach of their obligations: the duty of care provision ensures that a PR is exercising due care and skill when fulfilling their obligations.

Duty 6: Duty of Disclosure (other than by way of inventory or account)

This duty is a bit more nuanced than the others mentioned in this series. That is primarily because the duty of disclosure is discretionary. This means that a PR must consider whether disclosure is necessary. Exercise of this discretion can, and is, challenged and therefore even though a PR has a choice, it does not mean that the court cannot get involved to order disclosure if they see fit.

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