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You may well be wondering if you have read the title correctly … are Barrett & Co really a department store rather than a firm of solicitors?

Many solicitors’ firms are situated close to shopping areas and this juxtaposition caused me to reflect upon the similarities between the services which solicitors provide; and the items for which most people shop.

Almost everyone will shop at a supermarket for necessities such as food.  In the legal world, the “necessities” for which many people consult us are perhaps Wills, conveyancing services, Powers of Attorney etc (i.e. services which at certain times of your life, you are likely to “need”.)

Like supermarkets, you have a choice as to which solicitors you use.  Cost will always be a consideration – but not the only consideration.  You may favour a supermarket which is not the cheapest but offers fantastic service and easy car parking.  You may also shop for “distress purchases”, such as visiting a pharmacy for painkillers for a sore throat; or urgently buying a new oven the day before your family are due to visit at Christmas.  In the legal world “distress purchases” tend to be those where advice is needed in a tricky situation – e.g. you are being pursued for a debt; you have received no provision from your partner’s estate or you are being prevented from seeing your children.  “Distress purchases”, on the shopping front, particularly warrant using  a retailer you trust to supply what you need, on time and without a hitch.  Similarly for legal purchases – at times when life brings its challenges, you must be confident that your chosen firm will understand your requirements and can assist you in finding your way through them.

In fairness, browsing in shops probably does not have its exact equivalent in the legal world, but here at Barrett & Co we offer, effectively, a “try before you buy” £95 fixed fee interview for an hour.  This enables you to discuss your legal matter – whether it is a “necessity” or a potential “distress purchase” – with us before deciding whether or not to go ahead.  If you are uncertain as to what you need or whether or not to pursue litigation, for example, this gives you an ideal opportunity to “try before you buy”.  Why not do so?  It gives you the opportunity to visit our office and meet the person who will be dealing with your case, and to find out the cost of going ahead.

… and we also have car parking!


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