Proposed Probate Court fee increase will not come into effect!

In November 2018 the UK Government proposed a substantial increase in Probate Court fees which were to be charged on a sliding scale in accordance with the value of the Estate. My colleague, Jane Whitfield, wrote an article at the time explaining the increases which can be found here.

These increases would have seen our current blanket fee of £215 (£155 if you are using a solicitor) increased to a minimum of £250, for Estates of less than £300,000, and a maximum of £6,000, for Estates of more than £2million.

The proposals also included increasing the threshold for paying a Probate Court fee from £5,000 to £50,000.

The Government initially proposed that these fee increases would apply from April 2019 which triggered huge numbers of applications being submitted prior to this date in the hope of avoiding the fees. This, coupled with a new system within the Probate Courts, has led to substantial delays at the Probate Registry resulting in many families waiting months for Probate and the opportunity to finalise their deceased relatives’ Estates.

The Ministry of Justice has now decided not to bring into effect the proposals and will review the fees once again as part of the general annual assessment of Court fees.

If you are currently administering an Estate and would like to speak with one of our specialist probate solicitors then please contact Charlotte Fox on 0118 958 9711 or [email protected]. Charlotte offers an initial fixed fee meeting of £95 including VAT for an hour of time where you can discuss your matter and the options available to you.

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