What can you get nowadays for £6.00? A cup of coffee and a piece of cake, with a little bit of change?

If you are already a client of the firm, for a small fee of £6.00, Barrett & Co will obtain the Land Registry Entries for your property and send a copy of those Entries out to you together with a short report – highlighting any potential difficulties with the property such as unusual restrictive covenants. Your property can be freehold or leasehold, and must be in England and Wales, and has to be where you live, not a property in which you happen to be interested.

We will then also tell you what we might be able to do to sort out any problems which we identify, and how much it is likely to cost.

All you need to do is:

  1. Send your name, client reference which is found in the top left hand corner of any letter we have sent to you, the full address of the property in question including postcode, and whether the property is a leasehold or a freehold, to the email address info@barrettandco.co.uk with the heading “Barrett & Co WOPWYL?”; and
  2. Make a payment of £6.00 clearly marked with your client reference to Barrett & Co. These details can be found on the back of any Barrett & Co bill, but can also be provided on request.

Then simply wait for the reply. You may be surprised what you find out!

Apologies but due to complexities created by Money Laundering Regulations this service cannot be offered to people who are not already clients of the firm.

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