Anyone who is either going through or thinking about their options in terms of family separation or divorce, will need to have time to think about their options for the future.

Whether there are children or not, there can be a multitude of decisions that will need to be made and it is important to consider the potential impacts of those.

We will always try to consider all potential options for an individual so that they can make the best and informed decisions based upon their own individual circumstances.

Paul Wild is a qualified Solicitor but is also a trained mediator and collaborative lawyer. This means that Paul has many years of professional experience of all of the main processes which are available.

These include:-

  1. Advising clients on strategies if they are wanting to try to discuss and resolve matters directly with their Partner/Spouse;
  2. Mediation – either by acting as mediator or providing advice in respect of clients attending their own mediation meetings;
  3. Collaborative law – this is where both parties appoint collaboratively trained Solicitors. The intention is to cut out correspondence and deal directly with each other – there are roundtable meetings to enable the parties to try to agree all matters. This is a respectful and dignified way of trying to deal with difficult issues and can be particularly helpful where there are children involved;
  4. Roundtable meetings – perhaps in conjunction with Solicitor correspondence and where both parties wish to resolve matters by consent: rather than using the Court process, roundtable meetings can be very helpful to enable the parties to resolve outstanding issues in dispute;
  5. Arbitration – it is possible for an Arbiter to be appointed to decide a particular key point in dispute;
  6.  Court proceedings – sometimes it is not possible to work with another party and there may be many reasons for this. Therefore, the option of using the Court is still one that should be considered.

It is of course possible that more than one option is ultimately used to enable resolution. The main point remains that it is vital that parties are better placed to make informed decisions.

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Helping Couples to Resolve Their Differences

If you would like to discuss any issues raised in this article or on family issues generally, please contact Paul Wild, our Family Law Partner, on 0118 958 9711 or and he would be glad to assist you. Paul also offers a confidential one-hour fixed fee meeting for £95 inclusive of VAT. You can arrange a meeting at our offices in Queens Road, Reading, Berkshire using the form on this website.


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