We are delighted to announce that Barrett and Co is rated as one of the three best employment law solicitors in Reading.

Three Best Rated gave Barrett and Co five stars and have rated us as one of the top three law solicitors in Reading. Three Best Rated is an independent website and we have paid nothing towards this listing.

We have a strong team at Barrett and Co and head of Employment Law, Justin Sadler has been working in employment law for over 15 years working for both employers and employees.

Employment law can be an absolute minefield, with constantly changing statutory legislation and complex regulations of which to be aware. Disputes can also be extremely costly in terms of time taken away from your business to resolve these problems and potentially Tribunal and legal costs to factor in. It can also be damaging to your business’s morale and reputation. We pride ourselves that our clients rarely appear in Tribunals. However, if as an employer you are faced with a vexatious employee, then we will defend your position vigorously and seek costs for your company where the employee has been unreasonable.

With regard to employees, we can assist with a range of queries such as legal advice on a new contract when you are commencing employment, through to dealing with issues within the workplace such as harassment and bullying or stress within the workplace and assisting you with negotiating the terms of your redundancy or dismissal.

It is important that you are treated fairly in the work-place – whether you are employed full-time or part-time, permanently or temporarily. We will provide you with expert advice that is tailored to your own circumstances. We will aim to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, either by lodging your claim with ACAS or by way of a Settlement Agreement. If it is necessary, then we will make a claim on your behalf in the Employment Tribunal. Whichever action is most appropriate, we will guide and support you along the way.

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Need Help or Advice in Employment Matters?

If you require advice on employment matters, or wish to take a claim to the Employment Tribunal, our Employment Solicitor, Justin Sadler can assist.
For more information, or to book an initial one hour confidential fixed fee meeting for £95 including VAT please call 01189589711 or e-mail justin.sadler@barrettandco.co.uk.

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