When a couple makes the difficult decision to commence a separation or divorce there are lots of ways in which this can be done, perhaps the most amicable of which, is the kitchen table.

Although this approach may not be sufficient for the entire process, it can be a great place to start so that couples can try and agree matters between themselves. Solicitors are likely to be necessary further down the line but, if you can meet with a solicitor having already agreed some aspects, this can allow your solicitor to hit the ground running. This will also set the tone for the correspondence between your respective solicitors and can allow for agreements to be reached efficiently. This can also be attractive because it seems to be highly within your control which is something that will be important to you as you take your first steps to divorce or separation.

The downsides to this can be that with the importance of these issues, anxiety may be high and it could be hard for parties to keep discussions on track. Furthermore parties cannot have the input of advice and experience at such meetings, which could well be crucial at this early stage, when perhaps parties are not always willing to listen or to “hear” the other.

If you are considering taking your first steps into divorce or separation and would like to speak to a solicitor about your options, please contact Paul Wild, our Family Partner, on 0118 958 9711 or paul@barrettandco.co.uk for a confidential initial fixed fee meeting for £95 inclusive of VAT at our offices in Reading.

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Contact our Family Partner, Paul Wild, on 0118 958 9711 or paul@barrettandco.co.uk for a one hour £95 fixed fee consultation including VAT.

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