When someone dies, the usual main asset is a property. And the rise in property prices means that the value of a typical estate is higher than ever.

Because of the more complicated family structures around today – people remarrying, people having children without getting married – you have more potential beneficiaries and the way in which money is distributed to those beneficiaries is potentially more complicated and open to dispute. A classic example is when a man remarries and has children with a second wife or gets children from his second wife’s previous relationship, and then disinherits the  children from his first marriage – and obviously, they don’t think that’s fair.

The number of inheritance disputes reaching the High Court this year is at a record high. This is being blamed on changing family make-up and the rise in property prices.

In this broadcast from Share Radio, broadcaster Georgie Frost asks Barrett & Co’s Justin Sadler about the meaning of “reasonable financial provision” and discusses Ilott v Mitson, the case that is changing the landscape for this area of law.

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