We can work with you to create a personalised family welfare plan for your family which will provide a roadmap for your future.

  • One hour consultation for only £95
  • Bullet-point summary of advice and actions discussed at the meeting
  • Feel more in control of your family’s future

Over the last years we have seen increasing complexity in the financial, legal, business and economic landscape, as well as more difficult challenges for people trying to maintain a fair equilibrium in complicated family arrangements. To cope with this, we can work with you to create a personalised family welfare plan for your family which will provide a roadmap for your future.

We offer an hour’s meeting for a fixed fee of £95 during which we would gain an understanding of your particular circumstances and discuss various options that could be available to you. We then follow that up with a short, bullet-point plan summarising the advice discussed at the meeting and suggesting possible next steps.

The aim is to have a 360º analysis of your situation to enable us to provide holistic advice about every aspect of your family life.  This may be talking through why you should make a Will, or a Lasting Power of Attorney.  If you run your own business or are part of a family‑run business, there may be options available to you for tax planning, for example, that you have not yet considered.  If you have children, you may not have adequate protection in place for them – for example, appointing guardians to look after them in your Will.

The motivations to start this process are diverse, but usually come from a particular life occurrence or realisation, retirement, sale of a business, taxes, divorce, marriage,  birth of a child, concentrated wealth issues, illness and incapacitation, family conflict,  legacy and multigenerational concerns, establishment of a new business or financial windfall,  or just simply about common sense.

It has been our experience that clients who have taken the step to move forward with a family welfare plan find themselves in a much stronger position to deal with the unexpected and most importantly have a greater sense of security and confidence about their future.

If you would like to book your fixed fee meeting and start the family welfare plan process please contact Jane Whitfield of our Private Client department on 0118 958 9711 or jane.whitfield@barrettandco.co.uk.

Book a family future welfare check for £95

Arrange to meet a legal professional to discuss your family’s future welfare.

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