How to Reduce Tension in Family Proceedings

Oct 16, 2017

Under the current system, avoiding some level of court involvement during a divorce is impossible. However, while it is the court that formalises the process, it is possible to resolve the majority of issues amicably and by consent. This not only provides the parties with more control over the outcome, but can also save tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees. Here, we present our top tips for reducing tension in family proceedings:

Divorce and Financial Proceedings 'de-linked' as of 19th June

Jun 30, 2017

Before 19th June 2017 if you were looking to issue divorce proceedings, any financial applications (where financial matters required the Court's involvement) would have had to be sought within the divorce proceedings. This would be received by the Court and a case reference for the whole proceedings would be given.

Seeking Agreement on Divorce Petitions can encourage collaboration

May 19, 2017

Family Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer, Paul Wild discusses why agreement on the divorce petition can reduce the acrimony between the parties at the outset of any proceedings, as well as being used as a mechanism to achieve an out of court settlement.

The Importance of Disclosure of Assets on Divorce

Mar 29, 2017

12 years after their marriage came to an end, a judge decides if a couple who ran a successful business together had reached a "full and final settlement" at the time of their divorce.

Cohabiting? Check your financial arrangements

Feb 21, 2017

Family Solicitor Paul Wild looks at the importance for cohabiting couples to have adequate financial planning arrangements.

Getting the Right Advice

Feb 21, 2017

A recent investigation publicised by the BBC has revealed the risks of seeking alternative sources of advice in family proceedings.

Paul Wild explains the effect of a “clean break” in divorce proceedings

Sep 08, 2016

More often than not a divorce will have several different aspects that need to be covered such as: the divorce process itself; any child arrangements and finally the finances, which is where the phrase “clean break” can become extremely relevant.

High Court condemns use of litigation as a tactic to delay complying with divorce Consent Order

May 26, 2016

It is sadly not unheard of for litigation to be used as a delaying tactic to defeat or delay compliance with Court Orders; a Judge detected just such a manoeuvre by a husband in one big money divorce case but would have none of it

Have you given your family a 'future welfare check' recently? Try ours today

Mar 24, 2016

We can work with you to create a personalised family welfare plan for your family which will provide a roadmap for your future.

Businessman sues ex-wife for Facebook libel damages

Dec 01, 2015

Everyone knows that the end of a marriage can be bitter, but few divorces can be more so than one in which a businessman has started legal  proceedings against his ex-wife, claiming £150,000 in libel damages after she bad-mouthed him on Facebook.  The businessman argued that his former partner had painted…

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