Nigel Walter achieves his Licensed Conveyancer qualification

May 25, 2016

Nigel Walter has been a valued member of the Conveyancing team at Barrett and Co since 1985 and has recently qualified as a Licensed Conveyancer.

Chalet tenants must live with their 'Bad bargain'

Dec 01, 2015

The courts often employ the concept of commercial common sense in interpreting ambiguous or poorly drafted contracts – but that does not mean that they will relieve the unwise of the consequences of their bad bargains. That was the unfortunate outcome for the tenants of 25 holiday bungalows who signed up to a clause in their 99-year leases which enabled their landlord to raise their service…

Stamp Duty changes

Apr 21, 2015

The basis on which stamp duty is charged has changed, in a move that will benefit most purchasers of property.  The old system applied a single rate of stamp duty based on the value of the purchase. This 'single slab' system led to some creative apportionments of the 

Caravan 'Not a dwelling'

Jul 31, 2014

In a recent case, the High Court ruled that a touring caravan which had been brought onto land and affixed permanently was not a 'dwelling-house'. The decision came after the owner of the caravan, who had resided permanently in it for six years without a planning application being made or planning enforcement action being taken, sought a 'certificate of lawful use' for the occupation to…

Property use restriction is reasonable, rules tribunal

Jul 14, 2014

In what circumstances can a use restriction on a property be reasonable?

Boundaries - an introduction

May 12, 2014

You might be surprised to know that the word ‘boundary’ has no special meaning in law. Generally speaking there are two ways in which it can be used; the Legal boundary and the Physical boundary. The Legal boundary is an imaginary or invisible line which divides one owner's land from that of his neighbour. It is a line which has no thickness or width and is not usually shown with any precision…

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