Is it time your company had a legal MOT?

Jun 22, 2016

If you haven't had a business MOT for a while or you're worried about gaps in your company's legal cover, take a look at this video presentation.

Our Company and Commercial team complete the JLL Property Triathlon for the Starlight Children's Foundation

Jun 16, 2016

Martin Reynolds, Rob Jefferies and Charlotte Mckenty completed the JLL Property Triathlon on 1st July 2016 in a very respectable time of 1 hour and 26 minutes in aid of the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Right of elderly woman to leave her home to whomever she wishes upheld

Jun 16, 2016

Family disputes over inheritance are sadly common and blight the lives of many elderly people. That was certainly so in the case of an 85-year-old woman whose daughter and son-in-law claimed that she was legally obliged to leave her home to them in her Will.

A polite ‘private’ notice suffices to defend landowners’ rights

Jun 16, 2016

In a guideline decision, the Court of Appeal has emphasised that property owners are not required to physically confront their neighbours to prevent the latter obtaining rights over their land and that a polite notice will generally suffice.

A familiar face at the Chelsea Flower Show

Jun 16, 2016

Clients who visited the Chelsea Flower show on the morning of Bank Holiday Saturday may have been intrigued to see a familiar person standing in the winning show garden talking to members of the public!

Tenant 'holding over' after short leases expire

Jun 16, 2016

Martin Reynolds, Senior Commercial Solicitor at Barrett & Co, looks at two hypothetical scenarios in which tenants are occupying commercial premises on expired short leases.

High Court condemns use of litigation as a tactic to delay complying with divorce Consent Order

May 26, 2016

It is sadly not unheard of for litigation to be used as a delaying tactic to defeat or delay compliance with Court Orders; a Judge detected just such a manoeuvre by a husband in one big money divorce case but would have none of it

Employee Absences: How to manage the effects and prevent excess time off

May 26, 2016

Does your company have systems in place to measure absenteeism and analyse its cost so you can identify problem areas?

How would a Brexit affect you and your business?

May 26, 2016

Whilst we can only speculate regarding the overall effect the UK potentially leaving the European Union (a Brexit) would have on individuals and the UK as a whole, in this article I want to consider what might happen to small and medium sized businesses should we vote to leave.

Rights to ramble upheld in recent High Court decision

May 26, 2016

Rights of way are often a bone of contention between landowners and ramblers and that was certainly so in one case in which members of the public succeeded in winning the right to roam along a scenic woodland track.

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