Claim your Power of Attorney registration fee refund!

If you have registered a Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney you will know that there is a fixed registration fee set by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) who have recently reviewed their fee structure and are now offering refunds!

Claim your Power of Attorney registration fee refund!The registration fee has now been reduced from £110 to £82 per document as the OPG have calculated that the actual administrative cost of registering each document did not meet the former fee.

If you have paid the higher fee then you may be due a refund of not only the fee difference but also the interest accrued and the website have made it extremely easy to claim. If you would like to claim your refund simply follow this link: and follow the ‘Claim a refund online’ link.

As you will see from the above link and table below, the actual sum refunded can be somewhat more substantial than the fee difference so is certainly worth pursuing:

Claim your Power of Attorney registration fee refund table

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If you have any queries at all about the refund or if you would like to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney then please contact Charlotte Fox of our Private Client department on 0118 958 9711 or [email protected] who would be glad to assist you, or we offer a £95 one hour fixed fee consultation.

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