The Barrett Bake Off for Red Nose Day!

Our winter colds have now gone, but our red noses return for another year. Barrett & Co have raised money for Comic Relief on the 24 March by baking delicious cakes and wearing red items of clothing to support the Charity.

  • Office bake-off raises £82.00
  • Comic Relief Red Nose Day raises over £73 million for charities in UK and Africa

The Barrett Bake Off for Red Nose Day!The money raised goes to a number of different causes.  The main focus is on the UK and Africa.  There are some incredible projects that have found effective ways to tackle poverty and injustice. 

This Red Nose Day there were five issues the Charity focused on.

  1. Immunisation – to help vaccinate children that are not protected from common childhood diseases.
  2. Mental Health – one in five of us experience a mental health problem in the UK.  The charity helps to raise awareness.
  3. Education – to provide education to those that cannot afford it. 
  4. Domestic Violence – in 2003 Comic Relief to helped to set up the national domestic help line and continue to fund this.
  5. Fighting Malaria – since 2000 child malaria death rates in Africa have dropped by 71% but malaria killed over 250,000 children under five each year.

At Barrett & Co we are proud to help to change lives across the UK and the world’s poorest communities.

After a busy week at the office, you can’t blame us for indulging in cakes for a great cause. We managed to raise a total of £82.00 and hope this will make a difference.

Comic Relief as a whole raised a staggering £73,026,234 this year.

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Barrett & Co Solicitors, Reading, is serious about its commitment to social responsibility - the firm and its individual partners and employees are active in raising funds for local, national and international charities all year round, particularly where relevant to the Law. Visit the Social Responsibility page to find out more.


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