A familiar face at the Chelsea Flower Show

Clients who visited the Chelsea Flower show on the morning of Bank Holiday Saturday may have been intrigued to see a familiar person standing in the winning show garden talking to members of the public!

A familiar face at the Chelsea Flower ShowSenior partner Hilary Buckle had offered to be a volunteer on Andy Sturgeon’s Daily Telegraph garden, on behalf of the company who supplied all the plants for the garden. By strange coincidence Hilary’s sister Cathy, who volunteers at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London, was also a volunteer on their garden which happened to be the next one along.

Volunteers were given a plant list in order to advise people who were interested in any of the flowers, shrubs or trees which made up the gardens. Amongst the questions which Hilary was asked was whether the isoplexis canariensis was hardy in Copenhagen! (answer – probably not). A prized pink peppercorn tree from Australia was much admired until some visiting Australian tourists identified it as a tree which was extremely common in Victoria and which they had just cut down from their backyard!

Hilary Buckle - A familiar face at the Chelsea Flower ShowOverall Hilary feels that she learned much more from the visitors than they probably learned from her, but it was a great experience!

If you would like to arrange a meeting with Hilary to discuss any area of Private Client law (Hilary’s usual area of expertise) please contact her on 0118 958 9711 or [email protected] and I am sure she will share an anecdote from the show if asked.

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